What’s Inside the Online Video Journalism Course?

Video 1: Introduction, Meet the Students and Outline of the Video Journalism Workshop

Video 2: The Backpack Journalism Methodology and Components of Character

Video 3: Participatory Observation, Conversation and 12 Elements of the Visual Language

Video 4: How to Tell a Story Using the 6 Shot System, Informal Interviews and Developing Your Controlling Idea

Video 5: Student Critiques, Reviewing the First Day of Shooting

Video 6: Student Review, Proposals and Case Study of the film “Echoes of War”

Video 7: Students’ Controlling Ideas

Video 8: How to Conduct and Properly Use a Formal Sit Down Interview in Your Piece

You can sample the course by watching this free video lesson.

Video 9: Transition to Post-Production, the Dramatic Arc and the Case Study “Voice of Hope”

Video 10: Morning Student Reviews for Day 3, Script Writing

Video 11: Case Study: “Nurses Needed,” Identifying Characters

Video 12: Editing, Case Studies: “Underground Yoga” and “Knife and Gun Club,” and More Student Project Reviews

Video 13: Narration and Conversation, Case Study: “The Forgotten War”

Video 14: Student Work Presentation

You Have Made Your Video - Now What?

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